Robert J. Henrichs for SenateMr. Henrichs is a conservative democrat who wants to reduce government spending and increase the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

Robert J. Henrichs has been a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 54 years and is very active in his community and the region.  He supports initiatives that encourage a managed, sustainable, subsistence program to ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle which preserves the strong cultural ties held in Alaska. 

Mr. Henrichs was born in Cordova, Alaska.  His father, Hollis Henrichs, came to Alaska from Missouri as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard and also served as Postmaster for 35 years.  Mr. Henrich's mother, Rose Metvetnekoff, was born in Nuchek, Alaska.  Rose's father was a Russian Orthodox Priest.

Bob, AKA "Moose", is currently, or has previously been elected to, and served on the following Boards of Directors:

Cordova City Council
Founding Director, Prince William Sound Aquaculture Association
Cordova Aquatic Marketing Association
Southcentral Regional Subsistence Advisory Council
Chairman, Alaska Moose Federation
Chairman, Native Village of Eyak
Chugach Alaska Corporation
Chugach Regional Resources Commission
Director, Gulf of Alaska Coastal Community Coalition
North Pacific Rim Housing Authority (NPRHA)
Alaska Inter-Tribal Council (AITC)
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)
Joint Operating Board (Runs Alaska Native Medical Center)
Anchorage Service Unit Tribal Health Consortium
Alaska Village Initiatives (AVI)
Director, Alaska Native Brotherhood Camp 87
Chairman, Copper River IT
Chairman, Alaska Native Technology

Join "Henrichs for Senate", make a donation here today, and make your vote count on November 4th, 2014 by choosing Robert J. Henrichs (D) for Alaska State Senate District P!

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